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IntelliStore Artificially Intelligent Solutions for eCommerce & Retail.


eCommerce Features

The IntelliStore eCommerce solutions bring your website and mobile apps to life with an intelligent virtual store assistant that lives on your website. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, IntelliStore eCommerce solutions increase sales and improve user experience with a 24/7 online sales assistant.

ISA, the Intelligent Store Assistant

ISA is the IntelliStore Intelligent Store Assistant. She is the client facing interface to your Artificial Intelligence, capable of communicating with your visitors and assisting them through the whole purchasing process.

  • Complete product knowledge.
  • Real-time personalized shopping experience.
  • 24/7 support and assistance.
  • Intelligent site search.
  • Hand-off to human support agents when needed.
  • Increase sales.
  • Reduce cart abandonment.
  • Save time and money.

Voice Recognition & Speech Synthesis

In addition to typing and using cards, visitors can communicate with ISA using voice recognition and she can reply with speech meaning your visitors never have to touch their keyboard.

  • A more natural shopping experience.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Hands free experience.

Product Recommendations

ISA can provide real-time AI powered product recommendations based on the visitors previous views/cart adds and purchases, and the current stock availability.

  • Personalized product recommedations.
  • Up-sell at checkout.
  • Promote exclusive offers.

Retail Features

The IntelliStore Retail solutions create a unique experience for your in-store visitors. Powered by the same technology as our eCommerce solutions, with a little extra intelligence.

ISA, the Intelligent Store Assistant.

The in-store Intelligent Store Assistant lives on custom built Android based screens.

  • All of the IntelliStore eCommerce features.
  • Complete product knowledge.
  • Identify existing customers using facial recognition.
  • Guide customers through the checkout process.
  • Hand-off to human staff when needed.
  • Increase sales.
  • Cut down on staffing costs.
  • Save time and money.

Our Pricing


£3000 +£150 / month

  • AI store assistant
  • AI powered search
  • AI powered recommendations
  • Bespoke Android app


£3000 +£150 / month

  • AI store assistant
  • AI powered search
  • AI powered recommendations
  • Bespoke iOS app


£????? +£???? / month

  • AI store assistant
  • AI powered search
  • AI powered recommendations
  • 1 x assistant terminal
  • 1 x checkout terminal


* Base Price

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The IntelliStore Solutions Suite is currently in development and will be available early 2023. If you have any questions please feel to drop us message.

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